How PR changed in 2020 and what are the future prospects?

Invitation for webinar_How PR changed in 2020 and what are the future prospects?

Loss of customers, dismissals, belts tightening. The global pandemic hit many sectors hard last year and PR was no exception. Last year’s summary, including predictions for the following years, was provided by The International PR Report 2020/2021 which was published by the International Communications Consultancy Organization (ICCO). It is based on data provided by 268 PR professionals from around the world.

The report was presented by Rob Morbin (Deputy CEO of ICCO) at the November FIBEP summit called „The New World PR Report – PR Agency Views of the Path Ahead“. Rob will speak at our webinar too, where he will present the main findings of the global report. You will learn not only about the impact of Covid on PR but also (and especially) what are the prospects for the coming years – which areas or sectors can be expected to attract the biggest investments and what challenges will PR agencies face.

We will not stick to global data only – thanks to Patrik Schober, we will put all this information into the Czech context.

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