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NEWTON Media » the leading Media Monitoring provider in Central & Eastern Europe

We deliver news digests of print, radio, television, internet and agency news based on our clients’ requirements. We monitor current events, advertising, and social networks in order to provide clients with valuable information and high quality documentation for strategic planning or the creation of marketing campaigns. Our expert media analyses offer our clients a useful tool for communicating with the media and an effective means to monitor a company’s media image.

NEWTON monitors what is written or said about companies and their representatives, as well as about their competitors and general industry trends. NEWTON can help pinpoint your vital information within a vast array of sources that can otherwise be overwhelming, enabling you to react promptly to media feedback and focus consistently on the news that you are interested in.

NEWTON’s products and services provide essential tools for professionals whose focus is on products and 360° audience monitoring. NEWTON enlightens the decision-making process, enables you to realize your strategic plans and strengthens your marketing responses. NEWTON’s data gives indispensable support to corporate press offices and public affairs operations, and also assists media students and future professionals with live material for their studies and research.

NEWTON Busines News

NEWTON Busines News

is generated manually select the most important news of the economic, financial and banking represented English annotations. Selected are the top articles on investment opportunities in the Czech market, new incentives for foreign investors, the development of the business environment in the Czech Republic.

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Monitoring sociálních sítí

Social network monitoring » Find out what people really think about you

We now monitor Facebook, Twitter. YouTube and blogs in Czech, Slovak and Polish. Get direct feedback about newly launched ad campaigns or find out what emotions your person, company, brand or products evoke among users. Contact us, or take a look at the product page.

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NEWTON News » celý svět na dosah

NEWTON News » the whole world within reach

Anyone who needs timely notification of the latest news from the Czech Republic and abroad needs Newton News. Access to graphic views of articles gives you a concrete idea of what an article looks like online and in what connection it was published.

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NEWTON News » celý svět na dosah


Our ad campaign for media monitoring was effectual. We continue to expand the use of our products and services.


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Media Monitoring

Electronic clipping service - selections of print, radio, television, and agency news items based on your criteria.

Media Analyses

A lucid and detailed media image of a company, institution, issue or individual prepared by NEWTON Media analysts.

Supplementary Services

We offer a number of additional, specialized services, including processing and operating publisher archives and data digitization.

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