NEWTON Media: GDPR and Personal Data Protection Policy

The security of the administration of your personal and other sensitive data has always been essential to us. NEWTON Media commits itself to continue administering your personal data in accordance with the valid legislation and laws of the Czech Republic and the European Union.

 The general principles of personal data treatment presented below cover the following topics:

 – the personal data we collect and process
– the purpose for which we use this information
– how we secure and protect this information
– other parties with which we share the data
– how we observe your personal data protection rights 

Personal data controller

Acting in its capacity as the personal data controller, NEWTON Media, a. s. pledges to protect personal data in accordance with the valid laws and legislation. NEWTON Media, a. s., registered office Na Pankráci 1683/127, 140 00 Praha 4, ID No. (IČO) 28168356, Tax No. (DIČ) CZ28168356 is registered in the business register administered by the Prague Municipal Court, section B, entry 12446.

Personal data collected

Personal data is information that concerns you and enables your potential identification. This includes the following information: name, e-mail, phone number and other contact-business data that you disclose to us in the following cases:

  1. Filling in a web contact form when requesting our services
  2. Subscribing to our online newsletter
  3. Within business correspondence as a recipient of our services

We only gather information to which we are entitled or have your consent. In particular, this may concern the following categories of information:

  1. Name and surname
  2. E-mail or phone number
  3. Business-contact or invoicing data
  4. Communication between you and us via online media (communication by e-mail, contact forms, chat services or social media).
  5. General information from cookies on our websites.

Personal data can only be processed for lawful reasons and in a manner stipulated by the law. If there is no lawful reason for storing or processing personal data, the consent of the person whose personal data is to be stored or processed is required.

Aims of personal data use, why and how long we collect data

We can potentially use your personal data for the following purposes:

  1. Ensuring services you have requested or already use from us
  2. Marketing purposes and sending of the newsletter and news
  3. Invoicing and other activities within the framework of our contractual relationship
  4. Further offer of our services

We only collect your personal data for the period necessary for the purposes stated above.

Personal data gained based on a contractual relationship is processed throughout the duration of the contractual relationship and subsequently within the framework of the legal obligations (for the purposes of tax inspection, prospective complaints, etc.) for a period of no more than ten years.

We process personal data for which an explicit consent with their use for marketing purposes has been granted for a period of no more than two years from the last marketing campaign that you actively participated in.

Personal data security

We have always kept your data secure so as to prevent its misuse. Nevertheless, we have taken several more steps that will add to greater security and protection of your personal data.

We have reduced the number of entitled persons on all levels of the company’s structure who have access to your personal data. Access is granted only to those who must work with it in order to fulfil a contractual relationship or negotiate on its conclusion, to send business and advertising messages, who are involved in direct marketing, improvement of products and services, who send information about new products and services, who respond to expressed interest, carry out customer competitions, educational events or marketing surveys.

All personal data you provide to us is secured using standardized procedures and the latest security technologies. In order to ensure the security of your personal data, we carry out regular inspections of our security system and use security measures that prevent unauthorized access to your personal data, which provide sufficient security in view of current state-of-the-art technology. The security measures in place are regularly updated.

However, we are unable to fully ensure the security of your data without your help and responsible behaviour. Help us, therefore, to ensure the security of your data by keeping your unique passwords and other access data to our services secret and follow basic security principles.

Data sharing with third parties

We share your personal data only with third-party entities that we necessarily need for our business objective and for the purposes mentioned in this document. We carefully choose the partners to whom we entrust your data and who are able to ensure technical and organizational securing of your data that prevents unauthorized or random access to or another misuse of your data. The protection of your personal data matters to the third parties as well. We will send you the complete list of third parties and their updated personal data protection policies at any time upon request.

Your rights and personal data protection

You have the following rights in relation to your personal data:

– to withdraw your consent at any time
– right of access to personal data
– right to amend or supplement personal data
– right to require a restriction of the processing
– right to raise an objection or complaint against the processing in certain cases
– right of access to personal data
– right to be informed about a violation of personal data security in certain cases
– right to have personal data deleted in certain cases
– other rights stipulated by the Personal Data Protection Act and the European Parliament and Council Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/ES (GDPR Regulation).

If you wish to exercise any of the possibilities mentioned above, contact us on e-mail address or in writing on our address: NEWTON Media, a. s., Na Pankráci 1683/127, 140 00 Praha 4.

In this context, we want to inform you that we may require verification of your identity in a suitable manner in order to prevent access to your personal data by unauthorized persons.

If you are dissatisfied in any manner with the processing of your personal data carried out by us, you can complain directly with us using e-mail address or turn to the Office for Personal Data Protection.

More information about your rights is available on the Office for Personal Data Protection website (